Egypt-US Cooperation Grant : Collaborative Research, Call-23

Grant : Egypt-US Cooperation Grant : Collaborative Research

Program : International Cooperation Grants

Proposal Type : Full Proposal

Call : 23

Industrial Topics :

Deadline for Submission of Research Grant Proposals Thursday, December 7th, 2023 at 11:59 PM.

Collaborative Research Grants intended to foster research collaboration between Egyptian and U.S. scientists

Up to $200,000 USD maximum for each country's research team

 Up to 2-3 years in duration

Those who are interested in the program but do not have a prospective partner in the US can complete the program’s interested partner self-identification form:


Applicants from Cycle 22 (Collaborative Research Grants) may submit a new proposal for consideration in Cycle 23. However, a proposal submitted for Cycle 22 may not be resubmitted and will not be considered as eligible for Cycle 22. As the Joint Board will not approve more than one grant for the same principal investigator (PI) during two consecutive funding cycles, whether they serve as PI or Co-PI, applicants will be removed from consideration for Cycle 23 if they are selected for funding under Cycle 22.

All proposals must be submitted to both the National Academies and STDF websites

    US teams submit to the National Academies at: https://www.nationalacademies.org/our-work/collaborative-research-grants/for-applicants

    Egyptian teams submit to STDF at: http://www.stdf.eg/

 (The proposal must be submitted by the Egyptian PI to STDF website).

Budget Guidelines:

Salaries: not exceeding 25% of the total Egyptian budget up to L.E 600,000.

Institutional indirect costs: not exceeding 10% of the total Egyptian budget up to L.E 150,000.

Travel budget: not exceeding 10% of the total Egyptian budget.

N.B: Budget must be calculated in U.S dollars.